Love does come from unexpected places. Miranda has coped with her emotional issues since childhood, but they have followed her into her late adult years, until she is finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. While understanding them helps explain a lot of what she has dealt with in the past, they are still creating barriers to her relationships in the present.

Four solitary years after the demise of her twenty-five-year relationship, at age sixty Miranda feels she may be ready to try again with Grace, a semi-retired bookstore clerk who has also experienced the loss of a long-term partner. Fear and hesitation block Miranda’s progress, as she doesn’t want the same old issues to create problems in a new courtship.

When Colette, a mature and worldly art gallery owner, offers her guidance to teach Miranda how to be more focused and engaged in her relationships with people, the bond between them quickly becomes deep and eternal.

Miranda is caught between the all-important journey of self-discovery and the passionate partnership she has been craving all her life. What surprises her most is which woman belongs to which end, in an unforgettable love story that will change her life forever.

“Let me tell you something, Miranda.” Colette spoke softly. “In Japan they have something called kintsukuroi. When a vessel, a piece of pottery, is cracked or broken, rather than discard it, they honor the damage by filling the cracks with gold. The cracks then become beautiful scars, and they believe the vessel becomes even more beautiful for having been broken.” - From Miranda


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