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About the Author

     Thank you for visiting my site! I am Robin D. DeLisle. I'm five foot two, eyes of blue. I gain weight and lose weight. I grow my hair and cut my hair, what's left of it!  

     I moved from Michigan to Phoenix, AZ, in 1987 to attend DeVry University, where I earned an Associate's Degree in Electronics Technology, and a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management.

    I spent three years in the Army Reserves, 1977 - 1980. 

  In 1985 I attended The Recording Workshop in Massieville, OH, to learn recording studio engineering. My hobby then was writing song lyrics and entering them into International writing competitions. A few placements and one was published in an anthology of poetry. 

    Writing has been one of those things I've always wanted to do, but never found the time to focus on it. The past few years have allowed me that needed time and focus, and in 2017 Miranda was the result, followed quickly by Colette, released on May 15th, 2018. I have since parted ways with the original publisher and will be focusing on a much-needed revamp of both books, and will release them later in the future. I have learned and grown so much with these first two books, I am hoping many more will follow over the years. Meanwhile, enjoy my first independently published book, Suite Secrets!

      Keep checking back for news on upcoming projects! Thanks for reading! 


PS - I will HAPPILY accept donations toward the cost of expenses, such as advertising, travel, and supplies associated with being an author! Thank you! 

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