About the Author

     Thank you for visiting my site! I am Robin D. DeLisle. I'm five foot two, eyes of blue. I gain weight and lose weight. I grow my hair and cut my hair, what's left of it, and color it, of course!  

     I moved from Michigan to Phoenix, AZ, in 1987 to attend DeVry University, where I earned an Associate's Degree in Electronics Technology, and a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management.

    I spent three years in the Army Reserves, 1977 - 1980. 

  In 1985 I attended The Recording Workshop in Massieville, OH, to learn recording studio engineering. My hobby then was writing song lyrics and entering them into International writing competitions. A few placements and one was published in an anthology of poetry. 

    My purpose for attending DeVry was to learn my way around the recording studio in a more technical role, able to troubleshoot and repair the consoles and tape machines. Upon graduation, however, I was immediately hired as a service technician for Bell & Howell, maintaining and repairing mailing equipment, such as inserters, cutters, folders, sorters, and barcode sprayers. Re-engineered out of that position, I went back to DeVry for my Bachelor's in Technical Management. A hiring freeze on tech positions found me working in the operations/call center for Best Western Hotels. Seven years later, in need of better pay, I moved to another call center position with a financial services company. After twelve years I had to quit to care for my elderly mother, who had just turned 85 before she died the end of June 2018.

   Out of desperation to do something with my life, besides answer phones all day, I decided I would try my hand at writing again in January of 2017. Writing has been one of those things I've always wanted to do, but never found the time to focus on it. The past few years have allowed me that needed time and focus, and Miranda was the result! I felt that one of the characters in Miranda was so intriguing that she deserved a book of her own, and the sequel to Miranda followed quickly behind. Colette was released on May 15th, 2018, and I truly hope you enjoy both of their stories. 

    I am forever grateful to Sapphire Books Publishing for giving me the opportunity to explore my writing abilities, and to share the results with the readers. I have learned and grown so much with these first two books, I am hoping many more will follow over the years. Thanks for reading! 


PS - I will HAPPILY accept donations toward the cost of expenses, such as advertising, travel, and supplies associated with being an author! Thank you! PayPal.me/rddelisle